Tuesday, August 30, 2011


And the McFlurry won. But it was a tasty defeat!!!

What would you doooo-ooo-ooooooooooo

For a Klondike bar?????

Why is it so hard to stay on track for me lately? Why do I only want to eat junk food--bread, ice cream, subs, etc.....JUNK...GARBAGE!!!!!!! We had a power outage for three days from Hurricane Irene--everything was okay, we just lost power for awhile. It's hard to stay eating Paleo/Primal when you can't eat any fresh food. We went out to eat for a couple of meals and I ate complete junk. :( Last night I ate half a chicken breast. We nommed on trail mix (the good kind with M&Ms) pretty much all weekend. I *know* that it's easier when you JUST DO IT. So why can't I get started???? I broke down and got food at the store for sandwiches yesterday, our power was still out. Then magically, last night our electricity was restored!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! But now I have two loaves of whole wheat bread in the house. I ate one piece with butter & honey last night.....nom!!!! An egg on a piece of buttery toast this morning.....nom nom!!! And a turkey & cheez sandwich for lunch today.....why does bad food have to taste so good???? It is so hard & I need to get my mind right.

ANYWAYS, here's a picture of my front yard during the storm...

In other non-food newz--we went to the mall to kill time during the outage. And mainly to get the babeh out of the heat. The clothes in Baby Gap are so cute!!!! Like to-die-for MF CUTE!!!! Cute on a stick even. So we did the best we could to avoid the salespeople and tried on hats. This store is too expensive. Twenty bucks for a baby hat. I wonder how much that much yarn would cost in a craft store?? Do I need to learn how to knit????? Cuteness ensues: