Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Sunday & Valentine's Day!! This is the beautiful site that I woke up to yesterday morning.

We got about two inches and it was all melted away by the afternoon. :( I took a nice little walk in the snow before it melted so that was nice. :) For breakfast I made a fried egg

And some oatmeal with banana.

I was a VERY busy little Meggilizz on Saturday, I reorganized my furniture in my living room, got rid of a bunch of junk lying around & stored away my desktop computer. Things are looking a lot more open & fresh in my house now! :) I made Texas trail beef with cheez and sour cream for lunch.
In between cleaning and mopping and tidying and vacuuming, I roasted up some veggies to be eaten at dinner.
And made Thai green curry with beef meat to eat over my veggies.
It was pretty good!!! Saturday night I went out with the girls and needless to say I'm not feeling up to par right now and definately not into eating anything!!! So I'm going to drink some water and probably take a couple of naps today ;)


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