Monday, February 8, 2010

Grain-free Monday

Happy Monday everyone!!!! Hope y'all had a great day, it really just flew by for me!! I'm sitting here in front of Cash Cab and thought it would be a perfect time to update the old bloggerino.

This morning I had a green monster with spinach, banana, strawberries, milk, Amazing Meal Green Superfood aaaaaaand I think that's it!!! It wasn't very sweet since my bananas aren't browning yet and I left out the whey powder to save on extra points.

Needless to say without the extra protein, I got hungry WAY earlier than I usually do!! I packed an apple and didn't realize it was so tiny when I went to eat it. Lucky for me I had stowed away some cottage cheez in the fridge at work! I'm sure y'all can imagine what an apple and cottage cheez look like :P Nothing special.

For lunch I was still mighty hungry and had my planned chili with an egg on top (cooked in olive oil). I added some cheddar cheez and sour cream for the helluvit and it was delightful!!

In order to bulk up my lunch a tad, I made a salade with spinach, carrots, tomatoes, onion and avocado with olive oil & red wine vinegar to dress. It was a perfect lunch!!

This afternoon was a typical extremely uneventful day at the office, I'm taking the evening to relax and paint my toenails. I don't want to push back into Crossfit too hard, so I'm going to go twice this week and more next week. When I got home, I was quite hungry and was glad that I had food ready to go!!! Turkey roast and leftover zucchini, yellow squash & onions.

It was tres nom and I totally scarfed it down!! I made a cup of white chai from Stash

And added a teaspoon of honey and milk.

It's a good thing there aren't any cookies in the house!! They'd go perfectly with my tea. :) BUT would totally ruin my grain-free day!!

For those wondering, I'm currently following Weight Watchers Simply Filling Technique--but incorporating lessons learned from John Velandra about the evils of grains. It's still early days of totally limiting grains, but I've noticed that I'm less bloated in the tum and I just feel SO much better generally!!! When I do eat grains, it will be either oatmeal or whole wheat pasta, just because I love both of them so much!!!

Okay, it's time to put another coat of polish on my little piggies, so I bid you goodnite!! :D


christie, honoring health said...

I feel the best when I limit the amount of grains that I eat, too. I still love me some oats and oat bran though :D

Megan said...

Hi! Found you from the weight watchers website. Cute blog! I love to see what other people eat. Is that weird? LOL

The green monster drinks look so good!!

Meggilizz said...

Christie I think the things that taste the best (junk food wise--not filet mignon) have to be the worst for us, do you agree?? The downfall of our society...le sigh.

Megan :) Thanks for commenting!!! I love to see other people's food too. You should try the GM, they are DELICIOUS and give you tons of energy!

Stephanie said...

Yay for green monsters.
I try to go easy on the grains as well. I envy your lunch!

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Jo said...

Meggie-On the grains, great minds think alike:)

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