Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weekend Recap!

Happy (?) Tuesday Bloggies!!!! Hope you're having a good week so far, I'm très busy at work and don't have much time, I was here until 7:30pm last night! arrrrrrrrrrgh. Here's a cute-to-the-max pic of Bella & Brutus snuggling on Sunday night. Silly Bella wouldn't hold still so she's a bit blurry. :)

Saturday was a very lazy day, I woke up with a huge headache and missed the KERF Brunch :( Hopefully I can catch up with you ladies sometime soon!! I watched football all day and for dinner I had some leftover lentil soup.
Sunday morning I made a nice big green monster!! I haven't had one in forever and it was awesome.
I headed over to Jo's house and we hit the road for the Boylan Artwalk in Raleigh. There were so many cool artists and craftsmen. Some street musicians too!
And Christmas alpacas!!!
We left around 3pm and went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch. I was seriously wilting and needed a huge salade.
Went over to Whole Foods where I picked up a few necessities along with this pumpkin butter.
I used it yesterday morning in my oatmeal--with banana, raisins, brown sugar (totally unnecessary!) and almond butter.
Lunch yesterday was a salade with salmon and balsamic vinaigrette.
And dinner I had paleo chili that I pulled from the freezer.
Okay, sorry for the Speedy McFeeley post, but I've got a deadline!! Have a good day! :)


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