Monday, December 21, 2009


Okay so it's been quite awhile since I updated--shame, shame!! I know!! Here's a tiny snippet of last weekend in Savannah. I stayed with my good friends Michele & Dee, they have a cute house on Whitemarsh Island. Saturday morning we had a hearty breakfast at a little place downtown. I forget the name right now, I'll have to get with Michele and update again later! :P This is an Italian sausage omelet with grits. You gotta have grits when you're in Georgia, folks!!!

This is one of the gorgeous Savannah homes decorated for Christmas.

Michele and I went ice skating and had a blizzaaaaast!!! I got a blisterrrrr on my foot which was not awesome. Ain't Michele cute???
After our little workout we were quite famished and went up to the Rocks at the Bohemian Hotel for some ahi tuna with pita bread. It was VERY good!!! We wolfed it down!!
Here we are all decked out in our finery and masquerade masks!!! We had such a great time even though it was freezing!!!

I really love it down in Savannah and can't wait to go back!!! Thanks so much to Michele & Dee for another awesome weekend. They really know how to show a girl a good time!!! ;) Love y'all!!!


michelejag said...

The Breakfast place was called Firefly Cafe. Best brunch in town hands down.

LMAO @ the ice skating. you failed to mention your spills on the ice Ms. Meggillizz.

Yes, folks she bought it not once or twice but 4 times my dear friend met ice with booty!!

Meggilizz said...


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