Wednesday, December 23, 2009

mEGGilizz Mc Muffins

Good morning!!! How are y'all doing today?? I had a great time last night visiting my old haunts, talking about the old days! I got to sleep in today and my mom came with a great idea for breakfast--egg mcmuffins!!!

Toasted English muffin, ham, an egg and Jarlsberg cheez :)
Check out Spencer eyeing my breakfast while I had to run upstairs to grab the camera!!! I told you this dog runs the house!!

Today is going to be a pretty low-key day. I'm waiting for the FedEx truck to deliver my new phone--my phone broke on Friday and the good people at Verizon are *supposed* to be overnighting it. I'm blaming the snowstorm if it doesn't come today, if not VZW is going to get an earful!!!

I'm meeting my little sister for lunch at Chipotle. I've got to wrap presents and I'm baking banana bread later this afternoon. Today is my parents anniversary so they're going out for a fancy dinner. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! And my brother and his girlfriend are on their way from NYC into Ohio and should be here tonight! So quite busy for a low-key day, eh?? Hope you have a good day!


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