Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Do the humpty dance!

Happy Humpday! I got up a little early today so I can fold laundry and have a relaxing breakfast while watching some music videos. It's my little guilty pleasure!! But let me go back to yesterday afternoon, I had another apple from the farmer's market before I went to the gym.

At the gym, I did a run 1/4 mile--walk 1/4 mile for 3 miles. Also did four rounds of 20 reps: dumbbell presses (20#) and DB swings (20,25,25,20). I came home and didn't want to eat turkey again for dinner, so I came up with a hodge-podge meal. Roasted butternut squash, leftover green beans, fresh mozzarella cheese and two eggs.

I spent the rest of the evening catching up with friends and watching college basketball. I hate football season being over, but I love college hoops!! Fast forward to breakfast--

this mixture is:

1/3 c oats
2/3 c skim milk
pinch sea salt
cinnamon, cloves
1 T flax seed
1 t brown sugar
1 T raisins
1 T almond butter

Okay I think I've procrastinated enough, I've got to get ready for work!! I'm going to cut my hairs cut at lunchtime, I'm so excited!! Hope y'all have a good day!


brandi said...

i love dinners like that! :)

Christie @ Honoring Health said...

Yum, I love butternut squash!!!

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