Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Clam Pasta

Good evening bloggies!!! Hope you're having a wonderful week so far! I'm thoroughly enjoying my vacation in Ohio, there's snow on the ground and it is just beautiful here! This morning I went with my parents to the grocery store where we saw this:

ISN'T THAT HILARIOUS!!!!! For those who don't know, The Ohio State University Buckeyes are in the Rose Bowl playing against the Oregon Ducks. :) After we unloaded our haul, I met up with my best friend from high school at Bdubs. I got to meet her little girl Sophie, she's almost 3 years old and so cute!!! Don'tcha think??

I went over to my old workplace and visited with all my old buddies! It was so good to see a bunch of oldie but goody faces today. :) When I got home, it was 'wine-hour' at the Weddle household, so I made my mom & myself a bloody mary! These are my total fav and the first time that I actually made it by myself!!! I used Spicy V8 juice instead of tomato juice, Tanqueray vodka, a dash of Worcestershire, olives, lime, pickle, celery & Old Bay on the rim.

As soon as T.M.Dubz got home, it was time to make dinner!

Clam Pasta

1 pkg capellini
4 T olive oil
2-4 cloves minced garlic
3 7 oz cans clams--1 minced, 2 chopped
1/4 c tapenade (we make our own)
1/2 t fresh ground pepper
1 bunch chives or green onions chopped.

Sauté garlic in olive oil for one minute over medium heat.
Add clams with broth, heat to boiling and cook three minutes. Stir in tapenade and pepper, cooke one minute until heated through.
Mix cooked pasta, clam sauce and chives.
You may also add sliced olives and sautéed mushrooms.
Enjoy with a NOMMY beverage of choice!!
T.M. Dubz knows the Meggilizz loves her hops and picked up this wonderful IPA!!! I'm luffing it!

We are snacking on some peanut brittle and watching the evening news. I'm heading out to meet some more friends and catch the OSU basketball game!!! I love being at home! Hope y'all have a great night!!!! :D


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