Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas at Ledge Lane (and travel pics)

The Weddle Christmas Tree looking beautiful
Winter candle
Spencer!!! The Maltese-poodle that runs this house!
I tried to get a pic of Spencer with Mom, but he jumped off right when I hit the button!
Looking out the back door into the ravine. They got only 2 inches of snow, they just missed getting the Blizzard of 2009.
Rudolph--his nose lights up at night! How cute!!

Here are some pics from my day of travel! It was bright & sunny when I was in North Carolina. There were traces of snow just before Greensboro--this surprised me!!!

Pilot Mountain in northern NC
Somewhere in Virginia

The trees were beautiful in WV!!! This is north of Beckley on the WV Turnpike
After a long ride, I made it to Ohio!!! And was greeted with a local favorite!! :) Love ya Bobby!


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