Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2.0

Hey everybody!! How's it going? I've had a super weekend and think I've got my batteries fully recharged :) After getting my whole house cleaned yesterday (yaaay!) I heated up my last plate of leftovers (booo!). Turkey, ham, stuffing & gravy, squash casserole & sweet potato casserole (not pictured somehow).

It was just what the doctor ordered! I was pleasantly stuffed for the rest of the evening. This morning I woke up with a nasty headache, so I didn't get a photo of my coffee. That didn't really work in getting rid of my headache so I just went back to bed. After a few hours I got up and made some roasted sweet potatoes with onions. These are 'old timey betas' that I found at the Farmer's Market last week. They are supposed to be the oldest sweet potato and aren't orange like regular SP's, they aren't as sweet either, but have a similar texture. I roasted these with olive oil & salt and pepper.

For dinner I heated up some turkey breast, leftover butternut squash along with my beta-potatoes.
I had a humongoid craving for apple crisp and since I didn't have any leftovers I decided to make a new pan. I followed my old family recipe & used 3-4 different kinds of apples, also from the Raleigh Farmer's Market.

So I'm going to dig in here and bid you goodnite!! :)


Gina said...

Good to see you back Meg!!!
I've missed your posts!

Meggilizz said...

Hey Gina!! It's good to be back!! :D

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