Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy weekend!

Hi everyone!! Hope y'all are doing well, I know I've been absolutely horrible about updating the blog here lately and I only have so many excuses about being busy. But hey, who's NOT busy???

I hope y'all had a super Thanksgiving!! I stayed here in NC and had dinner with my friend Stella at her mother's house. I was sad not being with my own family this year, but I had a nice long talk with my mom so that was nice! :)

One other thing I guess I may as well put out there--my husband and I are getting divorced. It's a long story, but basically the 15 month deployment to Afghanistan ruined our relationship and he wasn't interested in fixing it when he got back. I'm as good as can be expected spending the holidays by myself, but honestly I'm way ahead of the curve since he basically shut me out of his life back in March while he was still deployed. It's really unfortunate that it had to happen, but we are both better off apart. I'm planning on staying in North Carolina (for now anyways) since I have a job and great friends down here.

Anyway, enough about all that--HOW BOUT THOSE BUCKEYES?!?!?!

We beat Michigan again this year, got the Big Ten Championship title AND are headed to the Rose Bowl!!!!! Of course the final BCS rankings aren't out yet and anything can happen, but I'm pretty sure that's where we're headed. We haven't been to the Rose Bowl since 1997--I was in high school then and my parents went out to Pasadena for the game. I remember how they were so excited about the whole trip--the Rose Parade, hanging out with all the alumni and of course the game!!! We won that game 20-17, it was awesome.

Anyhoooo--this morning I went to Crossfit and had a great workout. We did 3 Rounds for Time of 800 m run, 25 KB swings, 25 hollow rocks, 25 back extensions (on the GHD machine). I finished in under 28 minutes, for some reason I was having a hard time running this morning and was getting light-headed pretty easily.

For brunch I made some eggs

and oatmeal cooked with skim milk, apple pie spice, cloves, applesauce, raisins & almond butter.

I'm spending the rest of the day in the house doing a deep thorough cleaning!! The sun is shining and it's a gorgeous day, so I've got my curtains open and am enjoying my coffee while doing laundry. If I'm feeling ambitious, I'm going to finish painting my living room!!


Jo said...

Meggy, I love how you are getting strong eating healthy normal food. I literally blew coffee through my nose when I saw that. I love ya friend.

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

Welcome back!! I missed ya!! LOTS!

Keep your head up girl! It's a good thing you got this community to support you.

Ashley said...

Keep your head up high girl and trust me I speak from experience that there is someone out there that will treat you like the Queen you are!

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