Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy (sore) Monday..ow ow ow

Howdy!! Hope y'all had a good weekend! :) I know that I did, we headed over to Wilmington for the Battleship Half Marathon and had a blast!!! Here we are pre-race

Meggilizz, Michele & Jo

We started at the USS North Carolina

Went across a bridge and ran/walked through the historic downtown area of Wilmington and saw some gorgeous homes.

Then we went around Greenfield Lake and found a clearing with tons of herons. It was amazing to see so many in one spot!

We then looped back around to cross the other bridge and finished back at the battleship. I have a couple of blisters and a sore ankle, but I did it!!!

Thank goodness for the time change or else I'd be super late to work today!! I have enough time to make a good breakfast of eggs and a green (brown?) monster and to post a quick update here!

I've got a super busy day at work and an optometrist appointment this morning, so I'd better get moving!! Bye!


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