Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Busy days, busy nights!

So how are you today? I'm busy busy BUSY!!!!!! Work just never ends both at home & the office. I'm still trying to get back in the swing of food blogging, so here's a mish-mash of the past few days. Monday I had a green monster and some tuna-fish for lunch.

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner to watch Monday night football. I had wings (moderately Paleo) and maybe a few fries & beers. ;) Tuesday morning I woke up 10 minutes before Crossfit, but I made it!!

5 rounds (NOT for time)
25 jumpropes
6 barbell thrusters--going up in weight each time.

For some reason I was having problems with my thrusters so he kept my weight at 45 pounds. I'm going in Thursday for some one-on-one to try to figure things out. I made bacon and eggs for breakfast.
For lunch I had another green monster & tuna. It seems to be a good go-to-lunch with lots of greens and protein (and cheap!). Yesterday after work I spent my evening painting my living room! For dinner I had Paleo chili of which I forgot to take a photo. :(

This morning I meant to wake up early to go run-walking but somehow I didn't wake up until 7:15!!! Oopsies! The cold rain on my windows must've helped out some, right? ;) I made myself a green monster and drank it once I got to work. Stella and I went to lunch together, ran some errands and ate some chicken wings at B-dubs. I swear that place is my kryptonite!!! I got six free wings from a coupon from Monday night--score!! :) This afternoon my new mattress arrived (YAAAAAAY!) No more air mattress!!!!! Pro: my bedroom feels so nice & grown up! Con: none of my sheets fit. So I'm going to hit up Tuesday Morning & Marshall's tomorrow night after work.

For dinner I made a spinach omelet since I was lacking in greens and some roast butternut squash. Which actually may have been a cross between butternut & spaghetti? Or maybe I just cooked it too long.

I got a hankering for baked apples and was just about to dirty up my clean kitchen when I remembered that I had apple sauce!! I heated some up in the microwave with cinnamon, nutmeg & vanilla. I'm having a nice glass of Cab/Shiraz blend from my Target wine cube!!

Yes it's wine from a box, but it's a cube-shaped box, so it's cool homies! I'm enjoying my snackola watching the ABC lineup. I've got a busy day ahead tomorrow: Crossfit, work, one-on-one training, work, shopping (poor me!!), then home to relax!

Hope y'all are having a good night!!


Rita said...

I have to try that Green Monster. I think I'll test drive it this weekend.

michelejag said...

I totally love the wine cubes from Target!! They are my new fav mixed with diet sprite or the generic version anyways. :0)

~terry said...

I just had some sangria from a Target cube with my din-din tonight!

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