Monday, August 10, 2009

The world is my sauna

It's supposed to get up to 100° today and it's already 97° and feels like 103°. I have never lived in such a hot climate!! As long as you don't spend too much time outside it's bearable, like my own personal sauna!
For lunch I reheated my Croque Monsieur from yesterday, could it be possible it tasted better today? I know this is true for lasagnas & casseroles, but for a sandwich it sounds funny!!

I also had half an heirloom tomato

Now this was perhaps one of the best tomatoes I've ever eaten!! Firm yet tender, the flavor was excellent!

For a little treat I had some Wafernusse--chocolate wafers with hazelnut crème inside!

I'm back at work now with a cup of tea and a bunch of work that needs to get finished up before the end of the day. I've got my list made to stop at the grocery store after work. I'm making chicken for dinner. Have a good afternoon!


Soly said...

I remember this!

Christie @ Quit Your Diet said...

mmm....that looks good!

p.s. the nutella experiment bombed.

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