Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wasted day

Please excuse my absence yesterday, I had a few too many drinks Thursday night and had to call in sick to work :(

We had a great time at the BBQ place though, it was a knock-off of BD's, called Crazy Fire or something (BD's was better in our opinions). The cooks didn't do any of the fun stuff that they usually do and there were less sauces at this bbq place.

I got two small bowls, the first was REALLY spicy and I made the second with some pineapple & teriyaki to be kind to my burnt taste buds.

Long islands were on special and I guess I've learned my lesson with those! I spent the day in bed yesterday and Brutus & Bella took care of me. I ventured out to get some gatorade around 4pm and was met with a huge storm cloud.

We had another whopper of a storm! That seems to be the trend this week, hot & humid, then a crazy afternoon storm. The husband came home awhile after and we stayed home watching Shameless for the rest of the night. I ate some beef & cucumber salade around 9pm and went to bed soon after.

This morning I'm feeling good and made a bowl of Special K with some blueberries & almond milk.

I'm leaving here in about an hour to get my hairs highlighted! I'm so excited since they really need some TLC. Hope you have a good morning!!


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