Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vote for this Fish!!

Hiya bloggies!!! Hope you've had a good Wednesday so far! I must start out this post with a request for one of my fellow-Primal-girls!! This month, the good folks over at Mark's Daily Apple are having a Primal Challenge and everyday they're giving out totally AWESOME prizes. Well, August 10th started a "Primal post-it contest" in Mark's words:

"Originally inspired by MizFit’s execution of Operation Beauty, for today’s contest you’ll need a sharpie and some Post-its.

It’s one thing to chat in an online forum about going Primal, it’s another to spread the word to your grocer, your banker, or the guy who goes to the gym to talk on his cell phone. It’s time for you to leave a Primal message for total strangers to see…

It’s probably easier to show you what I mean than to tell you (below you’ll find some examples), but the idea is to provide a humorous, tongue-in-cheek, or poignant statement about the modern world with a simple Post-It note and a dash of wit. It’s the world seen through a Primal lens."

So whatdya know but my friend Emily is one of the FINALISTS!!!! Here's her entry:

You can vote & view the other finalists entries here. I think hers is awesome because it's original & creative, versus some of the photo-shopped entries. And the best part??? THE PRIZE!!! An awesome pair for Vibram Five Fingers!!!!

So please help out my friend, she's a fellow military wife and we need all the support we can get!!! Crossing my fingers for ya Emily!! :) FYI--voting ENDS at 8am Pacific on Thursday. THANKS A BUNCH GUYS & GALS!!!!!


On to the food! Today is another hodge-podge kind of day. I'm going to be hitting the road tomorrow evening for my trip to SAVANNAH so I don't want to leave any food in the fridge to waste. When I get back, I'm going to try to extend my no-grocery-shopping experiment as long as I can, eating up a bunch of boring soup from the freezer. Be ready to be dazzled this weekend, then after that, who knows!!! Today for lunch I had the leftover zucchini-tomato-onion mix from last night topped with the very last of the Thai yellow curry sauce (one piece of chicken in the whole thing!! hmph!!).

I warmed up a bowl of chicken soup for some extra protein.

But I don't think I had enough protein (or perhaps fat?) at lunch since I started totally dragging at 3pm, then started feeling VERY snacky!!! I wanted something, not out of hunger, just to EAT! Lucky for me I didn't have any food in the nearby vacinity and I got over the snacky feeling by 4pm. :)

Dinner was another strange combination: carrot-coriander soup

With a salade topped with a piece of salmon. The salade had spinach, cucumber, tomato & balsamic vinaigrette.

It was quite delicious and I cannot wait for some fresh local seafood that may be in my future this weekend!! I hear a dinner at a hibachi place is in store AS WELL AS a trip on a BOAT!!!!!!!! Yes folks, I will be on a boat!


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