Monday, August 24, 2009

Target Score!

Hot hot hot!! My lunch of leftover chicken curry had gotten a tad bit spicier, so I had to run my errands with a hot-curry-mouth! I went to Target and totally scored on these for my coworker that's retiring.

She LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVES coffee, so what better present than a couple bags of Starbucks and an awesome french press? I saved $6 on the coffee since the cashier had her mind on something else & scanned my coupon twice--SCORE!!!!! I picked up this candy bar for the husband since he loves hazelnuts. :)

In the UK & Ireland, they have a Cadbury's bar called Whole Nut that's his favorite, it's just the delicious European chocolate with hazelnuts. The international aisles of the grocery store have recently started carrying Cadbury's chocolate bars, but they have a Roast Almond bar instead of the Whole Nut, so lately I've been on the lookout for hazelnut chocolate bars! Let's hope he likes it. :) Here's a funny old ad I found on youtube about Whole Nut! :) I've got loads of work to do since I had three walk-in clients this morning and I'm just not motivated!!! At least I got a Diet Coke to cool off my hot-curry-mouth! :)


brandi said...

yay for french press! :)

you should get him the Ritter square chocolate bar - it's a dark chocolate one, but it has whole hazelnuts in it, too. we love that one. I'm pretty sure Target has them, too.

Meggilizz said...

Thanks for the tip Brandimuffin!! :) I did see the Ritter, but didn't take a closer look for some unknown reason.

Lainie said...

I LOVE hazelnut and chocolate...I would love to eat that candy bar!!!

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

Does he like Ferrer Rochers?? I recently found out I could eat hazelnuts and finally got to try those!

Awesome present--she'll love it for sure!

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