Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rain downgraded to light mist

Afternoon peeps!

It is STILL RAINING here but has slowed up and was only misting on my way back from lunch. I decided to have a hot lunch since it's been kinda grey, chilly & drab today in the office. I heated up the last of my masala chicken,

the leftover zucchini from last night

and cut up half an heirloom tomato.

Think I got enough photos of lunch?? ;)

I'm comfortably full now and am ready to tackle this afternoon!! I've got a tiny pile of work to finish before I start prepping for next week's court hearings. Yeee-haaaaaaaaaw!! Tonight I'm going to spin class and the grocery store on post to pick up some non-Paleo food for the husband, coconut oil and whey powder for yours truly.
So I'm gonna get on it here--oh one more thing--I found this recipe today from the Food Network for Zucchini & Carrots a Scapece. I've got all the ingredients at home (except mint which I may just leave out) and thought it would be another good use for my zucchini. What do you think? Doesn't it look good? So have a good aftie & I'll see y'all tonight! :)


Lainie said...

Oh, I love thee!!! Makes my mouth water girl!

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