Friday, August 14, 2009

Naughty avocado!!

Hiya bloggies! How's this wonderful Friday treating you? I am very busy at work (comme d'habitude!) and was surprised at lunch to find the husband home off early from work! :) For lunch I was planning on an avocado omelet and was very disappointed to find this:

BAD AVOCADO! BAD!! NAUGHTY NAUGHTY AVOCADO!!! Sorry to spoil the post with the first pic being a rotten avocado, but that's life!! I'll have to be more selective the next time I shop for these little suckers. I was in a bit of a hurry, so I cut up a piece of bacon, some onion, zucchini & ham and threw it in the pan with 1 tsp bacon grease.

Ate some cucumber salade while this was cooking since I was STARVING!!!!!

Added two eggs into the bacon-ham-veggie mix, topped the whole thing with tomatillo salsa and VOILA!!!!!
Bacon-veggie-ham-egg scramble bitchez!!! It was totally awesome if I do say so mahself!!!

What are you doing this weekend? I'm making a trip with some friends to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods...what should I get? I'm off dairy & grains/beans so that really narrows things down. I'll for sure get some nuts to make Paleo bars with, I haven't made any bars in a long time! Okay, I'm off here to get some work finished up--we're going out tonight with some friends (yaaay!!) and I need to clean up the house right after I get off work. Good thing dinner is already in the crockpot!! See y'all after dinner!!


Angela (Run Study Eat) said...

OH no! I hate when that happens to me Stupid avocado.

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