Thursday, August 6, 2009

Morning monster

Morning folks!

How are you today? I'm so happy that it's finally Thursday and the weekend is almost here! I really had a hard time getting out of bed today, I got up at 5am with the husband, walked into the kitchen with him & he told me to go back to bed b/c I looked lost!! I fed the cats and headed back for a few more precious moments of sleep. I really could've used some of my waking-up-enthusiasm from earlier this week!!! For breakfast, a usual green monster was in order.

I also ate a few leftover pieces of bacon Smileys

Anyways, I really am not awake at all yet (even though it's almost 9 o'clock!) so I need to make some tea and do something to get myself motivated. There's a pile of work just WAITING for me to tackle it, so I'd better get on it.

Hope you have a great day!


CrossFit Cape Fear said...

Missed ya today. 8-(

We need to change your pix on the blog to one where you're hold a kettlebell as well as the shopping bag!! 8-)

See you next week!

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