Sunday, August 16, 2009

Farmer's Market & BACON!!

....I'm back!! How are you? It's been such a long, busy and FUN weekend I could hardly find a minute to post! Friday night we went out to Paddy's with some friends and had a LOT of laughs, it was a really great time. I woke up late and missed Crossfit :( I made myself a green monster to cure what ailed me.
Also had two pieces of bacon for breakfast. Yesterday was a BACON filled day! I had bacon with every meal. This was in no way planned, but I think it's just hilarious!

I picked up my friend Jo and we headed up to Raleigh to the Farmer's Market. This market is freaking AMAZING!!! We loved looking at all the fresh fruits & veggies! I got some zucchini, tomatoes, a sprite melon which is a blend of watermelon, pear melon & honeydew. Also picked up a butternut squash--I'm accepting recipe ideas since I've never made it before!

They have their own little shop dedicated to selling pork! I got some local bacon & fresh ground pork to make my homemade sausage.

Isn't this funny!! I have no idea what you'd do with a pig's head, but they had them!!

Jo & I met up with our friends Marci & Terry for lunch at Camille's Café (from left: Terry, Marci, Jo & Meg)

All of us got wonderful salades--Jo & I ordered the ultimate salad with grilled chicken and tomato BACON dressing. I should've told them to leave off the cheese, it kinda upset my stomach from not eating dairy lately. But I'm alive, so it didn't hurt anything (and it was VERY good!)

Marci & Terry got the same salad--it was a seasonal salad with lots of fresh fruit & brie, they really loved it.

We all went to Trader Joe's and I found my dream car in the parking lot!! It was a cute little Triumph and just beautiful.

At TJ's I picked up some more Thai green curry sauce, some Thai yellow curry, vanilla, almond milk, coconut milk and almond butter. We went to Whole Foods and really scored--I got a couple of local, grass-fed steaks! Aren't they gorgeous?

We'll be grilling NY Strip tonight for dinner & I can't wait! I also got a new tin of tea, a couple chocolate bars, local eggs and coconut milk ice cream. We gawked the bakery case for a minute or two :)

And had a bit of the ice cream! It was Jo's first time eating it and she loved it--she said it was very rich & creamy.
After getting home I heated up some leftover zucchini & a turkey medallion wrapped in BACON!

We went out to the country bar last night with the husband's coworkers. One of the guys got married yesterday and it was fun to play pool & watch all the two-steppers & line dancers! I cannot dance like that to save my life, but it's fun to watch.

This morning I made some sausage with 2lbs of pork.

And 2 tablespoons

of my Penzey's breakfast sausage mix.

I added some salt and pepper.

And baked them at 350 for about 45 minutes.

These are the eggs I got from Whole Foods, just beautiful.

I picked two tomatoes from the garden to go along with my breakfast.

Quite a marathon of a post!! Congrats if you're still here with me ;) I don't have much planned for today, I feel like I need a day at home from all the traveling I've done lately!! I'm going to make some tea & watch Australia. Have you seen it? I've heard good & bad reviews, but I like Nicole Kidman, so I'm going to try it out.

Have a good Sunday!!


Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

Butternut squash is one of my favorites!!! Peel it (though some would disagree), slice it up into strips, and bake it like fries... SO FREAKING GOOD!

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

Hmm I definitely need to hit up this Farmer's Market when I'm back (in 4 super super short days). Maybe we can meet up there some weekend if you're up for the drive!

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