Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beef & Coconut Pie

Hiya guys!! I have been MIA for awhile, sorry about that! I was very tired last night after work and didn't feel like posting, so I'll update you now! I got this new mango tea from Trader Joe's and tried it for the first time on Friday. The bag itself wasn't very appealing, as the Republic of Tea teabags really smell amazing, this tea bag was just 'bleh'. BUT when the boiling water hit the satchel, it was a totally different story! The mango flavor is really nice, not overpowering and goes very well with some almond milk.

I made some sausage and eggs since I didn't have time to make a green monster before heading to the courthouse.

I got my case dismissed--yaaaay!!! So I came home to change out of my suit, grabbed a handful of almonds

and a very large banana.

For lunch I heated up some leftover roast beef & veggies.

I just love beef and have been having quite a bit of it lately!!

After lunch I had an extremely hard time focusing on things at work, saw a few clients and was so happy to see 5 o'clock come!! I had leftover chicken curry for dinner.

Along with a bite or two (or three or more) of coconut milk ice cream. :)

We didn't go out Friday night and I was very tired, so I headed to bed early. I had a very deep sleep and woke up with enough time to have a real breakfast before this morning's Crossfit.

I made a green monster with 2 cups spinach, 2 T coconut oil, 1 banana, 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop wheatgrass, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein, 1 T almong butter, cinnamon, vanilla & ice to drink after a very very painful Crossfit session!!
Today's WOD:
800m run to start
3 rounds of--22, 18, 8 reps
single arm DB push press (20lb, 15lb, 20lb)
hollow rocks
Turkish sit-ups (10lbs)
squat jumps
800m to finish
and THEN 50 pushups!!!!!!
It took me forever and I was so sweaty & tired afterward!!! But it was better than sitting on the couch eating cheezburgers, right?? ;) I drank my green monster for nourishment then met up with my friend Cindy to paint a coffee mug for our coworker who's retiring this week.
I got home after 1:30 and was FAMISHED so I made a nice green salad with spinach, cucumber, celery, green onion, olives & balsamic vinaigrette along with a nice slab of roast beef. :)

I made a Paleo version of a cake!! It actually turned out more like a pie, but it was still very nomstastic!!!

I call it Coconut-banana pie and I found the recipe yesterday afternoon from Son of Grok. I modified the recipe a bit, using only 2 bananas (since mine were so huge!) and used more coconut milk, maybe 1/2 cup total.
It turned out very moist and quite delicious, I ate two little pieces this afternoon.

I spent the rest of this afternoon reading Julie & Julia and napping :) I got that book and also the Time Traveler's Wife from amazon and am trying my very best to get both books read before I go see the movies. My mom saw Julie & Julia--I had to stop her from telling me too much!!! For dinner I made roasties and sirloin steaks. I haven't had potatoes in a long time and was really craving something carby today, so I had a spoonful with my dinner.

I polished off the coconut milk ice cream for dessert :) And I sit here on the couch, watching the Carolina Panthers lose to the Dolphins thinking about getting up to make some mango tea.
**Crap the Dolphins just got another touchdown, it's the fourth quarter so I guess this thing is over!!**
I've never been a pro-football fan until recently, where I'm from there's no need for any other sports team besides The Ohio State University Buckeyes!!!! But down here in Carolina, basketball is the major sport, so I get my pre-season football kicks from the Panthers ;) Tomorrow I'd like to get over to the trail for a nice long walk, we'll see what the weather is like.
Hope y'all have a good night!!


Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

50 pushups!? Holy cow! I have Son of Grok on my reader :) His carrot cake cookies are so goooood.

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