Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back on Track


How are you so far today? I had an okay night's sleep, I woke up a few times which didn't make me happy at all. I really didn't want to wake up for Crossfit but I did because today is going to be over 100° F so it was better to get it over with at 6:30am. I'm so glad I did because now I'm feeling accomplished and back on track with eating healthy foods & getting stronger!!

Today's WOD--8 Rounds for Time:

shuttle run
5 push-ups
10 sit-ups
15 squat jumps

Finished in 15:33 and came home EXTREMELY sweaty and made myself a nice green monster!!!

Today's recipe: 2-3 cups spinach, 1 banana, 1/2 cup frozen pineapple, 1 cup almond milk, 2 T coconut oil, 1 scoop whey protein powder, 1 scoop wheatgrass powder, cinnamon, 1 cup ice

I was already running late for work so I made an omelet before getting ready.

This is a two egg omelet cooked in 1 tsp bacon grease.

I have loads of work to do today, but I kin' do it!!! I picked up a bumper sticker at Dunkin Donuts for motivation, isn't it cute!! :)

As you can see, I love magnets & postcards from places that I visit. Even if it's just the airport, I have to at least get myself a magnet!

One last thing I wanted to share before I get to it, this is a quote from General George S. Patton that my friend Jo sent me. It can apply to your life in a few different ways--remembering this quote really helped me push on those last few rounds in Crossfit! Enjoy! :)

"You’ve got to drive the body to the last inch of energy then go on! You gain nothing by just going up to where your body says you’re tired. The body will build and grow only to fit the demands the mind makes upon the lazy body. If all you do is exercise until the body is tired, the body will get lazy and stop a bit shorter every time. You must go to the point of exhaustion, then go on. That way the body figures out, “We’ve got to build up more strength if that crazy mind is going to drive this hard!” If you always quit when you are merely tired, you will never gain. Once you let the body tell the mind when to quit, you are whipped for sure. You can not gain by listening to the body. We can become much stronger if we drive the body. We use about on-tenth of the available strength of our bodies and less than that of our minds." --General George S. Patton

Have a great day!!


brandi said...

great way to start the day! i love the fridge art :)

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