Friday, August 28, 2009

Savannah Safe & Sound!

Good morning!!

I'm glad to say I made to to Savannah and my good friend Michele's house! I'm NOT so glad to say that I forgot my stupid USB cord for my camera!!! So we will have to be photo-less unless I can find a new cord at Target or something.

Yesterday was a pretty frazzling day. I went into Crossfit for a grueling session of four rounds for time of:

walking lunges--10 each leg--15lb dumbbell held at the shoulders (OUCH!!!)
4 renegade row--15lb for first three rounds, 12 lbs on last round
10 DB thrusters--15lb for first three rounds, 12 lbs on last round

It was totally hard & I was just dripping with sweat after--not a pretty sight!!! My back is a bit sore today from the rows, but it's a good kind of sore ;)

Work was crazy! On top of the extra work that comes with a four day week, cramming to get everything ready for the day off, we had a retirement luncheon to go to at the Olive Garden. I had a less-than stellar lunch, the Venetian apricot chicken. I won't say anything else bad, but the food I make is MUCH BETTER!! Stella and I went to Cold Stone Creamery for some dessert and I totally forgot about my lunch experience!! I got the small dish of "mud pie mojo" which is coffee ice cream, oreo cookie pieces, heath bar pieces, a ribbon of peanut butter & fudge. It was NOMULAR!!! The best cow ice cream I've had for a long long time!

After work, I was rushing around the house trying to get everything together & somehow I forgot my cord :( I swear I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached to my shoulders!!! I drove over to Stella's house, so it was Stella, her son Thad and I piled into her minivan. The drive itself was pretty uneventful, we stopped for gas & grub somewhere near Florence, SC. I'd never been to Zaxby's so we went there, I got chicken strips and they were pretty good! We didn't get into Savannah until after 11pm since we had to drop Thad off at a friend's house, this took longer than expected and didn't please Stella one bit!

I met up with Michele at J.J. Bonerz on Bay Street and we were so tired, all we wanted to do was head home. I was asleep by midnight and woke up this morning around 7:30, I walked a mile (barefoot!) on the treadmill and snacked on some trail mix & pecans for breakfast. Michele's only working a half-day today so we'll get to hangout all afternoon, I'm excited!!! Michele & Dee have two of the best dogs, they are Boxers and are so sweet!! Here's a picture of Molly
and here's Pete!!
Cross your fingers that I can find a blessed camera cord, maybe I should just break down & invest in a card reader? I don't know, but I'm going to get some water, watch some daytime tv, play with the dogs and hit the showers. Hope you're having a great Friday!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vote for this Fish!!

Hiya bloggies!!! Hope you've had a good Wednesday so far! I must start out this post with a request for one of my fellow-Primal-girls!! This month, the good folks over at Mark's Daily Apple are having a Primal Challenge and everyday they're giving out totally AWESOME prizes. Well, August 10th started a "Primal post-it contest" in Mark's words:

"Originally inspired by MizFit’s execution of Operation Beauty, for today’s contest you’ll need a sharpie and some Post-its.

It’s one thing to chat in an online forum about going Primal, it’s another to spread the word to your grocer, your banker, or the guy who goes to the gym to talk on his cell phone. It’s time for you to leave a Primal message for total strangers to see…

It’s probably easier to show you what I mean than to tell you (below you’ll find some examples), but the idea is to provide a humorous, tongue-in-cheek, or poignant statement about the modern world with a simple Post-It note and a dash of wit. It’s the world seen through a Primal lens."

So whatdya know but my friend Emily is one of the FINALISTS!!!! Here's her entry:

You can vote & view the other finalists entries here. I think hers is awesome because it's original & creative, versus some of the photo-shopped entries. And the best part??? THE PRIZE!!! An awesome pair for Vibram Five Fingers!!!!

So please help out my friend, she's a fellow military wife and we need all the support we can get!!! Crossing my fingers for ya Emily!! :) FYI--voting ENDS at 8am Pacific on Thursday. THANKS A BUNCH GUYS & GALS!!!!!


On to the food! Today is another hodge-podge kind of day. I'm going to be hitting the road tomorrow evening for my trip to SAVANNAH so I don't want to leave any food in the fridge to waste. When I get back, I'm going to try to extend my no-grocery-shopping experiment as long as I can, eating up a bunch of boring soup from the freezer. Be ready to be dazzled this weekend, then after that, who knows!!! Today for lunch I had the leftover zucchini-tomato-onion mix from last night topped with the very last of the Thai yellow curry sauce (one piece of chicken in the whole thing!! hmph!!).

I warmed up a bowl of chicken soup for some extra protein.

But I don't think I had enough protein (or perhaps fat?) at lunch since I started totally dragging at 3pm, then started feeling VERY snacky!!! I wanted something, not out of hunger, just to EAT! Lucky for me I didn't have any food in the nearby vacinity and I got over the snacky feeling by 4pm. :)

Dinner was another strange combination: carrot-coriander soup

With a salade topped with a piece of salmon. The salade had spinach, cucumber, tomato & balsamic vinaigrette.

It was quite delicious and I cannot wait for some fresh local seafood that may be in my future this weekend!! I hear a dinner at a hibachi place is in store AS WELL AS a trip on a BOAT!!!!!!!! Yes folks, I will be on a boat!

Inglorious Basterds

Good morning!! Happy Humpday!! I'm so glad this week is almost over but I've got to get busy at work, so let's get on it! I couldn't post yesterday afternoon because I left my mini-USB here at the office :grumble:

Here's my lunch of roast beef and a spinach salad with celery, cucumber, tomato, olives, green onion & balsamic vinaigrette.

For dinner I made a quick zucchini-tomato-onion sauté along with bacon-wrapped turkey medallions.
A big group of the husband's friends and my friend Jo went to see Inglorious Basterds and it was VERY GOOD!!! It was kind of long, but I don't mind long movies, I think it gives you more time to get to know the characters. My back was hurting so that's the only reason why it was a bit long for me. But the movie itself!!! Very good!! FUNNY in many places, you really didn't expect this to be such a funny movie, but it was just great. Everyone clapped at the end, I don't know if it's because the theatre was full of soldiers or what, but I really liked it.
I didn't get to bed until after 10pm so I wanted to sleep in a bit this morning, but had to make do with 6:30 so I made it to work on time. BAER. I made a raspberry-chocolate smoothie with 1 cup almond milk, 3/4 c frozen raspberries, 1 scoop chocolate whey powder, 1 scoop wheatgrass-clippings, 1 T coconut oil, vanilla & cinnamon.

I heated up the last of the nasty turkey bacon. I will never buy this junk again!!

Since I'm leaving tomorrow night for my trip, I brought my coconut banana pie cut into bars into the office to share. I'll have to reserve a few pieces for my Crossfit folks tomorrow! Hope y'all have a great day! I'm going to get my tea going and get to workin'!! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here's lookin' atchu


Last night I came home from work and was about to dead-head some roses when this practically attacked me!!!!

I think we were both scared more than anything! :) After my near-fatal attack, I changed real quick for my 5 mile walk with Jo. We were lucky that we didn't see any snakes on the trail! I guess I got my dose of wildlife early yesterday. For dinner I had a bowl of chicken-veggie soup.

This came out of my freezer, I honestly don't remember when I made it but it is still delicious!!

And a piece of banana-coconut pie for dessert.

Since it's the end of the month, money is a little tight so I'm doing an experiment to see how long I can last without grocery shopping. You could call it being Primal and not being able to find any food in the forest, I guess in all honesty it's a clean-out the freezer type of week!! I'm also going out of town this weekend, so it'll be good to not have a fridge full of food for an empty house.

Enter the hodge-podge of Tuesday!! After Crossfit, I made a green monster with a wimpy handful of spinach, 1 cup pineapple, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1 cup almond milk, vanilla, 1 T coconut oil, 1 scoop wheatgrass-clippings, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder, 1 T almond butter.

I filled 'er up three times!! Very tasty, if not a little gritty. The lack of banana was not very noticeable, perhaps that would've covered up the grit. I foraged in the bottom of the freezer and found some sausage links!! I always need more food on Crossfit-days and today is no different. I ate these in the car on the way to work! :)

No sooner than I sat down, my coworker shows up with a box of DONUTS!!! Stella and I split a cake donut and it was quite delicious!!
At Crossfit this morning, my friend Jo gave me a bunch of awesome treats!!! A bag full of tomatoes from her neighbor's garden, a fruit snack

Ingredients--all natural!!

And a little bag of dark chocolate roasted almonds!!!!

These were beyond delicious and it's probably a good idea that Miss Meggilizz doesn't keep these in the house!! Quite a hodge-podge morning so far, eh??? Just wait until lunch!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Target Score!

Hot hot hot!! My lunch of leftover chicken curry had gotten a tad bit spicier, so I had to run my errands with a hot-curry-mouth! I went to Target and totally scored on these for my coworker that's retiring.

She LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVES coffee, so what better present than a couple bags of Starbucks and an awesome french press? I saved $6 on the coffee since the cashier had her mind on something else & scanned my coupon twice--SCORE!!!!! I picked up this candy bar for the husband since he loves hazelnuts. :)

In the UK & Ireland, they have a Cadbury's bar called Whole Nut that's his favorite, it's just the delicious European chocolate with hazelnuts. The international aisles of the grocery store have recently started carrying Cadbury's chocolate bars, but they have a Roast Almond bar instead of the Whole Nut, so lately I've been on the lookout for hazelnut chocolate bars! Let's hope he likes it. :) Here's a funny old ad I found on youtube about Whole Nut! :) I've got loads of work to do since I had three walk-in clients this morning and I'm just not motivated!!! At least I got a Diet Coke to cool off my hot-curry-mouth! :)

Back to the old grindstone

Good morning bloggies!! Hope y'all had a great weekend! They always go by so fast, don't they? Sunday I slept in until 10 O'CLOCK (!!!!) and made a nice green monster for breakfast.

We spent the morning (or what was left of it) totally vegging out in front of the tv. The husband studied & I finished reading Julie & Julia. I really liked it!! It was a surprisingly quick read and I can't wait to pick up Julie Powell's next book. Early afternoon I was getting a wee bit hungry, so we decided to skip lunch and have an early dinner. In the meantime I sliced up some sprite melon.
I picked this up last weekend from the Farmer's Market, it was a very interesting flavor--kind of the same texture as cantaloupe, a slightly similar taste to honeydew. I'm not a big fan of honeydew, so I'm glad it wasn't too close a taste-similarity, you can definately notice the pear in this melon.
I also heated up a piece of my banana-coconut pie :)

For dinner we had a very autumnal veggie selection!

Butternut squash, brussel sprouts & leftover roast beef. I roasted the sprouts & squash in a 400 degree oven for about 40 minutes.

Last night I started reading Time Traveler's Wife and couldn't keep my eyes open much past 9pm! I'm getting back into granny-mode! This morning I slept as long as I could and made a green monster for breakfast.

I packed some almonds for a mid-morning snack, I can tell I'm going to be hungry today.

I've got some errands to run at lunch today (REMEMBER to get gas!!) so I packed some leftover chicken curry to eat in the office.

Have a good Monday! I'm trying to suck down some tea so I can get some kind of motivation to do this pile of work in front of me......later dudes!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beef & Coconut Pie

Hiya guys!! I have been MIA for awhile, sorry about that! I was very tired last night after work and didn't feel like posting, so I'll update you now! I got this new mango tea from Trader Joe's and tried it for the first time on Friday. The bag itself wasn't very appealing, as the Republic of Tea teabags really smell amazing, this tea bag was just 'bleh'. BUT when the boiling water hit the satchel, it was a totally different story! The mango flavor is really nice, not overpowering and goes very well with some almond milk.

I made some sausage and eggs since I didn't have time to make a green monster before heading to the courthouse.

I got my case dismissed--yaaaay!!! So I came home to change out of my suit, grabbed a handful of almonds

and a very large banana.

For lunch I heated up some leftover roast beef & veggies.

I just love beef and have been having quite a bit of it lately!!

After lunch I had an extremely hard time focusing on things at work, saw a few clients and was so happy to see 5 o'clock come!! I had leftover chicken curry for dinner.

Along with a bite or two (or three or more) of coconut milk ice cream. :)

We didn't go out Friday night and I was very tired, so I headed to bed early. I had a very deep sleep and woke up with enough time to have a real breakfast before this morning's Crossfit.

I made a green monster with 2 cups spinach, 2 T coconut oil, 1 banana, 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop wheatgrass, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein, 1 T almong butter, cinnamon, vanilla & ice to drink after a very very painful Crossfit session!!
Today's WOD:
800m run to start
3 rounds of--22, 18, 8 reps
single arm DB push press (20lb, 15lb, 20lb)
hollow rocks
Turkish sit-ups (10lbs)
squat jumps
800m to finish
and THEN 50 pushups!!!!!!
It took me forever and I was so sweaty & tired afterward!!! But it was better than sitting on the couch eating cheezburgers, right?? ;) I drank my green monster for nourishment then met up with my friend Cindy to paint a coffee mug for our coworker who's retiring this week.
I got home after 1:30 and was FAMISHED so I made a nice green salad with spinach, cucumber, celery, green onion, olives & balsamic vinaigrette along with a nice slab of roast beef. :)

I made a Paleo version of a cake!! It actually turned out more like a pie, but it was still very nomstastic!!!

I call it Coconut-banana pie and I found the recipe yesterday afternoon from Son of Grok. I modified the recipe a bit, using only 2 bananas (since mine were so huge!) and used more coconut milk, maybe 1/2 cup total.
It turned out very moist and quite delicious, I ate two little pieces this afternoon.

I spent the rest of this afternoon reading Julie & Julia and napping :) I got that book and also the Time Traveler's Wife from amazon and am trying my very best to get both books read before I go see the movies. My mom saw Julie & Julia--I had to stop her from telling me too much!!! For dinner I made roasties and sirloin steaks. I haven't had potatoes in a long time and was really craving something carby today, so I had a spoonful with my dinner.

I polished off the coconut milk ice cream for dessert :) And I sit here on the couch, watching the Carolina Panthers lose to the Dolphins thinking about getting up to make some mango tea.
**Crap the Dolphins just got another touchdown, it's the fourth quarter so I guess this thing is over!!**
I've never been a pro-football fan until recently, where I'm from there's no need for any other sports team besides The Ohio State University Buckeyes!!!! But down here in Carolina, basketball is the major sport, so I get my pre-season football kicks from the Panthers ;) Tomorrow I'd like to get over to the trail for a nice long walk, we'll see what the weather is like.
Hope y'all have a good night!!