Thursday, July 30, 2009

We have air conditioning!!!!!!!

It is below 80 degrees in the house!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!!

I'm so happy the repairman was able to fix the machine, it was the capacitor or something. We were in court all day, I got an Americano from Starbucks and we didn't get lunch until around 2:30pm.

I got Cantonese chicken with fried rice, again not Paleo, but that's okay since it's not very often that I get Chinese food. I could've gone against the rice, but when you haven't eaten for hours, your brain just kinda shuts down!! I haven't totally given Intermittent Fasting a fair shake yet, so maybe court days will be better after I've got more fasting experience under my Paleo-belt!!


Tonight, we are in for a *treat*!! The husband and I are going to the Mongolian grill with some guys from his unit for a.....wait for you know what I'm going to say??? ;)




Boys and their need to competitively shovel massive amounts of food down their gullets! It should be nothing less than entertaining! I'll be able to stay Paleo, probably just going to have a small bowl of meat & veggies. I'm just sitting here revelling in my nice cool house before it's time to leave!!!! :)

Hope you have a good night!


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