Sunday, July 5, 2009

A nice lazy day

Today has been very relaxing! I got to sleep in again and spent most of the day watching movies and cooking.

Yesterday was very productive, I got the entire house cleaned and I feel great having it done. It really does something for me to have a nice clean house to relax in. I snacked on some almonds

and a fruit leather in between cleanings & putting away laundry.

After getting all spiffed up, we went to the fireworks on post and it was a pretty good show. There were tons of people there but the crowds weren't overly claustrophobic. We sat in the grass to watch the fireworks and it was nice. Before we left I ate some leftover bacon

and chicken soup for dinner.

One of the first things we saw!

I love Chick-fil-a and their cow is hilarious!!! There were tons of fair food stands and those jumpy-air-things for kids. This one REALLY impressed us and made us wish we were little again!

Isn't that NEAT!! It's a double slide, so kids are climbing up & sliding down from both ends. Very good design idea right there. :)

Here we are after a beer or two

Driving home we got stuck in a bit of traffic and were passed by humvees toting howitzers (I think)

The husband couldn't really get a good shot, but you get the idea.

After a nice lie-in, I made a big breakfast for both of us. We decided to skip the trail today and just relax, so I made a lighter breakfast for myself. It just didn't seem right to reward myself after a nice long walk with my special pancakes. I made a green monster for myself

with some bacon & eggs

Here's the husband's breakfast--I thought his sandwich was impressive :)

My tomatoes are really changing colors quickly! I'm surprised at how much the romas have deepened overnight.

I snacked on some cucumbers with guacamole

And made au gratin potatoes (for the husband--not Paleo) I did have a few tastes because it looked so good!

And a nice top round roast for dinner

I had roast along with some sautéed zucchini & onions.

I'm going to go make some tea and watch some more movies with the husband. Hope everyone has a great night! :)


Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

I totally love that you have green monsters AND bacon and eggs!

Meggilizz said...

Me too!! GM's are a good breakfast during the week and I like to have a treat on the weekend. :)

brandi said...

our tomatoes are getting red, too!!! and mmm...bacon :)

your hair is so cute!

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