Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leftovers & ice cream

Hi guys :) This is going to be a quick post as it's almost bedtime--YAAAY! :)

I got a fair amount of work done today but was just not motivated at ALL! It's so hot outside & I think I need a vacation. Since my car is finally finished I got to come home for lunch today and sauteed shrimp in coconut oil. I put the shrimp on top of sole with tomatoes and some broccoli.

It was okay, the best part was the shrimp of course! :) Since it's so hot out, I didn't want to heat up the kitchen so I made some nice cold cucumber salad. It made a nice little dinner with my roast beef.

After dinner I made a run to Baskin Robbins :) This is a scoop of Outrageous Oreo and boy oh boy it was pretty nomular!!!!

Pretty soon after that, a HUGE thunderstorm came and it just now stopped raining. Perfect sleeping weather, so I wish you goodnight & I'll see you in the morning!!


Christie @ Quit Your Diet said...

Meg, are you on twitter?

Meggilizz said...

I have an account, but I rarely use it. You?

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