Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Leftovers galore

Wow I haven't gotten a chance to update all day! Things are pretty much the same around here, both work-wise (très busy) & food-wise (leftovers). I'm still eating my leftover roast but making Thai green chicken curry tonight for dinner. :)

Yesterday's lunch was a big salad and some roast beef.

We didn't do anything exciting last night, just ate dinner in front of the tv. I wasn't hungry until close to 8 o'clock but that's okay since it's summer, right? I made some roast zucchini & mustard crusted salmon.

Doesn't that look NOM? :) After dinner I got a bowl of the scrumptious coconut milk ice cream. Oh I had forgotten how good it was! :)

Here's the NI for the ice cream in case anyone's interested.

After my delicious dessert I went straight to bed and slept like a log. I love good nights' sleeps!! Can't wait to do it again tonight ;) Plus I know I'll have to get to bed early tonight to wake up early for tomorrow's Crossfit.

This morning I woke up after two alarms and made it to work on time. Two days in a row, I'm on a roll! For breakfast I decided against a green monster and made an omelet with salmon and two of my very first roma tomatoes from the garden! Aren't they cute?

I sautéed the salmon with salt & pepper in 1 tsp bacon grease. Also cooked the omelet in 1 tsp bacon grease. At the end of it cooking, it fluffed up like a parachute! It was so funny! Lately I've been making the fluffiest omelets, I think it has to do with the bacon grease. After all, everything's better with bacon! :)

These tomatoes are lucky they're cute because I must admit they're really not all that flavorful. Big bummer there, but hopefully my other tomatoes that I planted in the ground are better.

Morning snack I had 1.5 ounces of the pecan-cherry-cranberry mix from Whole Foods.

For lunch I had...

wait for it...



I may have to work late tonight to tie up some loose ends, then I'm running errands at Sam's Club and possible the Mart of Walls. I'm going to rearrange my office furniture on Friday, I need to pick up a longer ethernet & phone cord since the geniuses who designed this building only put one outlet in per office. BAER :-/ Also I need to pick up cat litter & dish soap at Sam's. I hope I'm not forgetting anything! I'll probably cruise by the meat & produce areas to see if anything catches my fancy. Hope everyone has a GREAT afternoon! Ta-ta! :)


Mara @ What's For Dinner? said...

AH! the header looks fab! I really want roast beef now... dang it.

Meggilizz said...

Big props to you Mara!!! :D Thanks a million!

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