Friday, July 10, 2009

Leftover Encores

I *think* things are finally caught up at the office, so I should be back to posting pretty regularly! The past two days I've been trying to eat all the leftovers before going to the store this weekend. After Thursday's Crossfit, I made a berry smoothie with whey protein powder, almond milk, blueberries, coconut oil and wheatgrass.

It was pretty good! At work, my friend Stella shared some of her new tea and ohhhh this is really good stuff! I may have to get my own tin next time I'm at Whole Foods.

For lunch I sautéed a piece of salmon

And had a salade with spinach, carrots, cucumber, tomato, mushroom, green onions, olive oil, celery, guacamole.

I remembered I had gotten this new salsa from Trader Joe's and put a few spoonfuls on top of the salad.

Looks pretty good, huh? The salsa was great, but didn't really mesh well with the mushrooms, so I took them off to eat first.

Here's the NI:

It was a great lunch & kept me satisfied until dinner. Which was leftover Thai chicken and some NEW roast zucchini! I picked some up at the Mart of Walls yesterday afternoon.

For dessert I had some coconut ice cream and a cup of tea (not pictured).

This morning I wanted to wake up early, but that didn't happen. Here's my green monster--used 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries, spinach, wheatgrass, almond milk, vanilla, coconut oil and cinnamon. Therefore I am hereby out of spinach, almond milk and running VERY low on whey powder.

Also had some nice crispy bacon.

And the pecan-cherry-cranberry mix from Whole Foods (not pictured). For lunch, Stella & I went to Roly Poly. I got the Cobb salad, it didn't have any hard-boiled egg on it, which would have made it perfect. But it was a pretty darn good salad! :)

I worked late and just ate my dinner of leftover zucchini & a plain omelet.

With some sleepytime tea :)

I've got a BIG day planned for tomorrow and MUST wake up by 0600. Some of you know what I'm doing, others will just have to wait until tomorrow night!! :) Have a good night everyone!


brandi said...

i hope you get some good rest tonight!

i love cardamom - so good and spicy.

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