Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hot & Cold

Are you having a good weekend?

Things are pretty quiet around here, as usual!

Friday I thought my car would be finished, but the shop called and it won't be ready until Monday. So I had to stay at work through lunch and got a lot of organizing & old work sorted out. For breakfast I had a green monster

I packed some homemade sausage & the last of the leftover roast beef (neither are pictured) along with my leftover salade

It was a nice little lunch! When I got home after work, I was very disappointed to walk in the door. There was something wrong with the air conditioning!! I'm not sure if it was just having an issue because of being overworked this summer, but it kinda just stopped working.
So we headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings to get out of the hot house and saw this Chinook helicopter on the way. Just one of the perks of living in a military town :)
We got some Caribbean jerk flavored wings and OH MAI these were good!

The flavor was right on and then....BAM!!! Your mouth gets smacked with the heat! They were very tasty :) After a couple more beers, we got a buffalo ranch chicken wrap to share and I must've forgotten to take a pic :)

Saturday the husband got the A/C to work!! There was something stopping the fan from spinning, so he got it to spin again and it started to cool down in here! YAAAAY!!! But then a few minutes later it stopped. BOOOO! I decided to just go about my day and not worry about it. I made some breakfast out of sausage & eggs and went about my day.

I ran some errands, went to the grocery store, got my eyebrows done--they were horrible! I hadn't gotten them done since May when I went to Pittsburgh to run the half-marathon with Soly! When I got home, the A/C was magically working again!! The husband said it was never broken-broken, but worn out from working so hard on these hot days. I feel much better now that it's not broken. :)

For dinner I made a shepherd's pie, which was TOTALLY scrumptious!!!

Not entirely Paleo, but that's okay because it was so good!! I used a pound of ground beef, onion, carrots, zucchini and a packet of mix that I found in the British section of the store. We hung out in the house last night drinking Honey-Berries and watching Shameless.

This morning I made myself a delicious little green monster

I'd like to go over to the trail today, but I need to get going if I'm going to beat the heat! I'm also going to make a roast beef in the crockpot and another batch of egg salade later today.

Hope you have a good Sunday!! :)


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