Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Bastille Day

Joyeux Jour de la Bastille tout le monde!!

Today is Bastille Day, the anniversary of 1789 uprising when the people of Paris rose up and stormed the Bastille prison. Their actions set in motion the overthrow of the monarchy and the birth of the modern French Republic. Vive La France!! Vive l'Indépendance!!

Today has been quite productif but in a relaxed sort of way. My lunch of half a leftover avocado

And some homemade chicken soup gave me much needed energy to return to work & tackle my court cases! Prepping with the attorney is fini & I'm très excité! :)

This week I've been making an extra cup of tea to drink at the office after lunch. It helps to get rid of the diet soda craving and gives me a little pop of energy.

After work, I went over to Crossfit to do some sprinting rows. Basically it's rowing balls-to-the-wall for 20 seconds, then resting for 10 seconds. Rinse & repeat for 6-12 intervals. I did 12 intervals tonight.

Dinner tonight was pretty simple, sautéed vegetables (oh I wish I had an onion!)

And...POT ROAST!!!

Yep, I still have pot roast left. I figured the husband would've inhaled it, but alas he has all but polished off the delumptious egg salade. Time to make some tea and relax for awhile, hope everyone has a great night! :) Au revoir mes amies!


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