Saturday, July 11, 2009

GI Jane Camp

Today was a totally awesome day filled with outdoor activities put on by Fort Bragg MWR (morale, welfare & recreation) at Smith Lake.

For breakfast, I made some quick bacon & eggs

And packed some pecan-cherry-cranberry mix with some buffalo jerky from TJ's

Perfect little Paleo mid-morning snack!

Here's the NI:

We started the day shooting paintball, the first game I got hit smack in the eye! It was great fun! My uniform is British Army that the husband brought back from Afghanistan.

After paintball, we took a nice horseback ride.
This is my horse--Montana. It was fun because we did quite a bit of trotting which really hurt!! Kinda like a bouncing spin bike! :) My rear was definitely glad when it was over!

For lunch I had no other choice than to eat the pizza provided. I was starving & it was pretty darn good pizza. :)

We went canoeing after lunch, here we are getting suited up in our PFD's (that's a life-vest in civilian terms) :)

And out on the boat

Then I think the best part of the day was trap-shooting. Turns out Miss Meggilizz is pretty good with a shotgun! :)

I hit 13 of 25 rounds and had a blast! Plus I got a righteous tan on my arms, so I'm a happy girl!

And after one of the best showers ever, we need to run to the store to buy food. I really could've used a GINORMOUS green monster after all my hard work today, but need to stock up on ingredients first! I have no idea what we're doing tonight, I'll be happy with sitting around the fire-pit with a few beers. Hope everyone has a great night! :)


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