Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Box of Frogs

Good morning everyone!! I'm up early for Crossfit & decided to jump on here real quick :) Last night I had a great 5 mile walk on the trail, it was good to get my legs stretched out. I think most of my soreness is gone today! We'll see what happens after the WOD though!

Dinner last night was very good, my salade from lunch

And some pot roast

If you haven't noticed by now, I like to make a big meal once or twice a week & just eat it during the week. It makes things much easier when you come home from work dead tired & hungry.

After dinner we watched a comedy dvd from Netflix--Billy Connolly Live from New York. He's very funny, if you haven't heard of him then look him up. At one point he said "That's a whole 'nother box of frogs" and I thought that was hilarious!

Have a great morning y'all, I'm off to get pumped up! And hopefully I'll be awake when I get home. :)


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