Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bad News Bears

Mornin' Folks! I've got some bad news...

Yesterday afternoon after my lunch of chicken soup,

I got into a car accident!

Some stupid person pulled out right in front of me and I couldn't slow down fast enough. They were turning into my direction of traffic and veered into the left lane (where I was). So that made for a stressful afternoon!! No one is injured & my back is fine (thank God) the car is driveable, I'll take it for an estimate either today or tomorrow.

For dinner, the husband took me out to our favorite sports bar--Buffalo Wild Wings!! I promptly ordered a Sam Adams Summer Ale (he got a Bass).

For our meal, the husband had a jerk chicken sandwich & completely devoured it (not surprising) and I got Spicy Garlic boneless wings and a salad.

Not completely Paleo (because of dairy & breading on the chicken), but I picked the croutons off the salad so it worked for me. We ended up having a great night last night! :)

Today I'm headed to the courthouse, so I'm off to make a green monster to drink in the car. Hope everyone has a great day!


brandi said...

oh, megg I'm so sorry! I'm glad you're okay! Accidents are never fun.

TMW said...

Glad you are O.K.!!! Did the other person get a ticket???

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