Wednesday, July 29, 2009


How's your Wednesday going so far??

I'm having an okay day, pretty uneventful so far. For breakfast I made an avocado omelet with some salsa on top.

It was very good!

My friend Stella and I decided to grab some sushi together for lunch. We went to our usual spot and we both got the lunch special with soup & salade.

Mine came with Cali rolls and assorted sushi, Stella's had Cali rolls & salmon/cream cheez rolls.

I think we're going to try a different sushi place the next time we go b/c both of our fishies tasted just a little bit off. I'm doing my best to keep my mind off my stomach and may have to hit up Baskin Robbins this afternoon to wash out that fish taste!!


allijag said...

Baskin Robbins always works wonders :)

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