Friday, June 12, 2009

Safari Planet

Wow so much has happened the past few days! Wednesday night when we got home from work, we found two baby birds in the hanging basket.

And a TURTLE digging a whole in the garden! She laid some eggs and went on her merry way. I hope they don't get eaten by rats or dogs or raccoons. That will be SO neat to have baby turtles hatching!

For dinner I grilled up my jerk-seasoned pork tenderloins & they came out absolutely perfect!

Thursday I made a very solid breakfast because I was in court & knew I wouldn't be able to eat for awhile. I had some puffed brown rice cereal with a banana and soy milk. A shake with orange juice, protein powder, frozen berries, grass clippings and flax seed. Very satisfying!

I brought along some of my red tea, I think having a variety of tea available is really helping me get over my coffee addiction.

During a break in court I had an apple and had my snack of pumpkin seeds & carrots when I got home (and a slice of pork) :)

I laid out in the sun for about a half hour, then we went grocery shopping (got two bags of spinach--plenty for green monsters!) and I headed to crossfit (went on Tuesday also, but I forgot to mention it here). So we did four rounds of:

5 burpees

10 shoulder presses

15 overhead squats

20 overhead walking lunges

I started out with 15lbs (for the press & walking lunge) then went down to 12, then 10. Used a 12lb bar for the squats. My shoulders were still pretty sore from Tuesday night's workout! I finished in 16 minutes. Dinner was uneventful and I forgot to take a picture b/c I was starving: two fried (in olive oil) eggs and some chicken-veggie-barley soup.

This morning I woke up with enough time to make my breakfast and lunch before leaving for work. I had a green monster with spinach, banana, soy milk, ice, vanilla, cinnamon, flax meal, almond meal and grass clippings. Lunch is a spinach salad with TONS of veggies & sautéed shrimp. Here's the veggie part--I'll sauté the shrimp when I go home.

I've got some green tea with lemon here at the office and I'll have an apple and some sunflower seeds this afternoon. Dinner will be the chicken-barley soup, I'll be sure to post a picture later. :)


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