Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh wee oh...yo ho!

After a great day off yesterday, I'm back working as a paper pushing slave for the man. Hmmm oh well, it's almost the weekend at least!

I finally recovered my monster headache (thanks to Troy & a huge motrin!). I had leftover brussel sprouts & the last of the chicken barley soup for dinner.

I had a cup of tea and a VitaTop for dessert.

It was very good, but I liked the dark chocolate one better from the weekend.

Wednesday I woke up early, went to spin class and saw two friends that I haven't seen in a long time! Hopefully we'll be able to get together soon, connecting over the webs isn't the same as in person. I made a green monster when I got home and headed to Durham for my GFR test.

I stopped by Whole Foods and really restrained myself from buying too many things. It helped that I didn't get a cart & had to carry everything! I bought two almond milks (one regular, one chocolate), a hemp milk, wheat grass powder, unsweetened coconut, hazelnut flour and some shrimp rolls for lunch.

These were very tasty! I liked the chili sauce even though it was a bitch to open & I spilled it all over my hand. Oh and I did NOT go into the neighboring store of Whole Foods. Maybe another time. Maybe not.

I got home in pretty good time, missed the majority of rush hour traffic. Heated up a bowl of curried veggie soup & added two fried eggs for protein.

This morning I got up early & went to Crossfit, had another great workout! Made a nice green monster with:

1 banana

1 nice handful of spinach

1 c soy milk

vanilla extract

scoop of wheat grass

scoop of amazing grass

scoop of whey protein

It was very good, I couldn't even notice a difference with the added wheat grass. Also had a fried egg.

For lunch I'm celebrating the 1st Annual International Sushi Day !! I'll make sure to bring my camera--I'm going to get some sashimi and something with veggies. :)


taybero said...

We need to get together soon! I need to learn how to make all this amazing food - and where you are finding it all.

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