Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot weekend

I didn't get a chance to post anything over the weekend, we were très busy! Here's my chicken soup from Friday night as promised
Saturday I went to my meeting, had a green monster, cleaned up the whole house while John went to Lowe's to pick up our new fire pit! I had a ham & tomato omelet for lunch.

After he got back, we went over to Sam's Club & Carmax to pick up his truck. It's a 2007 Nissan Frontier and suits him very well! Then we headed to Home Depot and he got a ladder & lawnmower. We were exhausted & starving by this point and got Jersey Mike's subs for dinner.

After it got dark we lit the firepit, it's SO nice! :)

Sunday I had another GM after mass, then we headed over to the trail and I walked 6 miles. I made almond-flax pancakes with strawberries and turkey bacon for my breakfast. John had eggs, sausage, turkey bacon & wheat toast. I will be making these pancakes again very soon!

I laid out in the sun while he mowed the grass & then I made curried lentils for dinner. I got the recipe from one of my FB friends, she's the wife of a guy that John went to training with way back when he joined the Army. I added some extra veggies to her recipe & served it with roasted asparagus & zucchini. It was awesome!

For dessert I had a VitaTop that my friend Jo gave me. That was ALSO AWESOME! I ate it frozen and I think I may just break down and buy some of these awesome little muffins!


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