Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Green Monster attack!!!!

Yesterday I made my very first green monster EVER!!! I used 1 c soy milk, 1 banana, 2 spoonfuls of protein powder, 1 c of ice, vanilla extract and a good two handfuls of spinach. It was very, well, green but tasted great! I was in a rush yesterday so I couldn't get any pics, so here's my shake from this morning. And my mom's old blender from 1937. Today I skipped the protein powder, added flax meal and cinnamon.

It is a very tasty and fast breakfast!! You can't even taste the spinach. Next time I may add some almond meal for some extra protein. I'm staying in the office for lunch today and brought my taco bulgur bake. It's basically black beans, refried beans, corn & bulgur all mixed together in the crockpot. I have meals like this frozen in individual containers for my lunches.

I had this the other day too and it was not quite as tasty as I remembered, so I put a fried egg on top!

That did the trick! So I did that again for today's lunch. And I've got a pretty sorry looking apple (need to get to the store for more produce soon!)

Dinner is going to be a treat! I defrosted a pork tenderloin & have it 'marinating' in some dry jerk rub that I got in Raleigh the last trip I made to Whole Foods. We'll grill that up for dinner and make some brussel sprouts to go along with the pork. John is hopefully going to get a new truck this afternoon, carpooling really stinks!! Ok I've got court tomorrow, so have to get busy but I'll post my grilled jerk pork tenderloin later! :) Have a good day!


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