Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another busy day ahead

I'm still buried under paperwork and hope to get my office completely organized today! We'll see if that happens....

This morning I woke up early & cleaned up my kitchen before going to Crossfit. My shoulders, neck & upper back were in a whole lotta pain last night, I was really contemplating skipping this morning's workout. But I'm glad that I didn't since we didn't do any burpees or pushups! The WOD was four rounds for time of 15 overhead squats (30# bar used) 20 box jumps (I used two boxes!) 25 unanchored situps and 25 supermans. I finished in about 23 minutes which was slower than everyone else, but I noticed that I had the heaviest bar out of anyone. At lunch yesterday, John was watching Home Improvement and a quote stuck with me that really applies to today:

"There will always be someone better, thinner, smarter, wittier, taller, happier, stronger, and more together than yourself. And you will always be better, thinner, smarter, wittier, taller, happier, stronger, and more together than someone else. There is no sense to compare yourself to others in this short life. Be yourself. Be proud of who you are. And never let anyone else make you think differently."

That wasn't exactly what was on the show (I couldn't find the quote this morning) but this one is close :) On to the food!

Here's dinner last night--it turned out very well! Chicken à la vodka with sautéed mushrooms & onions with roasted brussel sprouts.

This morning I decided to use my new CHOCOLATE almond milk for my green monster!

Nutritional Info:

It didn't really affect the color too much, I added six strawberries to the regular recipe.

I filled up two water bottles with it to drink after Crossfit.

After Crossfit, I made myself some scrambled eggs with mushrooms.

I'll be snacking on some Paleo bars with my tea later on this morning. Hope everyone has a great day! :)


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