Friday, May 29, 2009


I've been neglecting things here lately--I've been busy with work and then had a freaky fever the past couple days!! Last night I broke down and took my temperature--102º!!!!! This morning I'm back in a normal range--97º so I'm at work trying to get stuff done.

I'll probably not be around much this weekend either since I'm getting ready for the husband to come home!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! But if I do end up cooking something magical, I'll post it here! Hell, I may as well post the foods I'm making for him! So far I've got Irish beef stew (made with guinness of course) and potato casserole--I'm going to Sam's club to stock up on beer this weekend and thinking I'll get him a frozen pizza too since he LOVES those damn things.

Any other food ideas for newly home soldiers? Have a great day! :)


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