Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to Work!

I had a great day yesterday, walked 4 miles out on the trails & went for sushi with Jo & Paul. Thanks again guys! It was a great time! :) Here's breakfast--two rice cakes with 2 T almond butter & an orange.
Lunch--black bean & rice pasta salad
With soy yogurt & black cherries
Afternoon snack--1/4 c pumpkin seeds and some dried apricots
With the prebiotic shake--I added a scoop of my new grass clippings powder. It was okay, but I think my system had fiber overload yesterday!
And our sushi! Jo & Paul both got seaweed salad, I nibbled on some edamame. This looks like a massive amount and I really ate way too much, but it was so good!!
Today is the last day of my 'cleanse-diet' and I'm very happy! Especially since today's food is pretty slim pickins. But I suppose after all the sushi that I ate last night I don't need to eat a whole bunch of food today. But y'know I read a post last night by Jenna of Eat, Live, Run she wrote about French food & how Europeans eat differently from Americans. I'm slowly figuring out that 'normal' eating habits are not strictly low fat and your body actually needs more fat in order to stay satisfied. It makes sense because that's exactly what food manufacturers do when they decrease the sugar in processed foods--they increase the fat. And it's true for the reverse--when they decrease the fat, they increase the sugar in their product.
This morning I went to crossfit and got to do the regular workout!!!! I was so happy & it was a tough one. Warm up was 1000m row, 20 push ups, 20 squats. The workout was 5 rounds-for-time of 10 dumbbell hanging clean, 10 weighted reverse lunges, 10 push press, 400m row. Everyone else got to run but I'm still rowing since my foot isn't 100% yet. I used 15 lb dumb bell and did five rounds in 29:01! Yippeeee! :)
Here's my breakfast--carrot-apple prebiotic shake/smoothie

Toast. The GNC materials didn't suggest eating ANYTHING else besides the smoothie & a plain piece of toast. I added some olive oil to my toast along with a hard boiled egg. I had already heated my oil and tried to crack the egg when I realized it was already cooked! :( I was really looking forward to a nice runny egg this morning. Oh well. My body really needed some kind of protein after crossfit, so this worked. And hopefully the oil will help move along some of that fiber from yesterday!


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