Friday, May 29, 2009


I've been neglecting things here lately--I've been busy with work and then had a freaky fever the past couple days!! Last night I broke down and took my temperature--102º!!!!! This morning I'm back in a normal range--97º so I'm at work trying to get stuff done.

I'll probably not be around much this weekend either since I'm getting ready for the husband to come home!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! But if I do end up cooking something magical, I'll post it here! Hell, I may as well post the foods I'm making for him! So far I've got Irish beef stew (made with guinness of course) and potato casserole--I'm going to Sam's club to stock up on beer this weekend and thinking I'll get him a frozen pizza too since he LOVES those damn things.

Any other food ideas for newly home soldiers? Have a great day! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Oh mah ceiling cat! I just L O V E salmon! I think I have missed my calling as a chef. Srsly. This dinner was delightful!!! Mustard-garlic crusted salmon on a bed of brown basmati rice with roast broccoli. :)

Nom salade pour déjeuner!

I accidently left my camera at the office, but hooray for fancy cell phones! This salade was vachement bien! Spinach, carrots, celery, cucumbers, tomato, red onion, hard boiled egg, avocado, olive oil & vinegar and a bit of soy cheez. Don't you wish you could have some??

Back to Work!

I had a great day yesterday, walked 4 miles out on the trails & went for sushi with Jo & Paul. Thanks again guys! It was a great time! :) Here's breakfast--two rice cakes with 2 T almond butter & an orange.
Lunch--black bean & rice pasta salad
With soy yogurt & black cherries
Afternoon snack--1/4 c pumpkin seeds and some dried apricots
With the prebiotic shake--I added a scoop of my new grass clippings powder. It was okay, but I think my system had fiber overload yesterday!
And our sushi! Jo & Paul both got seaweed salad, I nibbled on some edamame. This looks like a massive amount and I really ate way too much, but it was so good!!
Today is the last day of my 'cleanse-diet' and I'm very happy! Especially since today's food is pretty slim pickins. But I suppose after all the sushi that I ate last night I don't need to eat a whole bunch of food today. But y'know I read a post last night by Jenna of Eat, Live, Run she wrote about French food & how Europeans eat differently from Americans. I'm slowly figuring out that 'normal' eating habits are not strictly low fat and your body actually needs more fat in order to stay satisfied. It makes sense because that's exactly what food manufacturers do when they decrease the sugar in processed foods--they increase the fat. And it's true for the reverse--when they decrease the fat, they increase the sugar in their product.
This morning I went to crossfit and got to do the regular workout!!!! I was so happy & it was a tough one. Warm up was 1000m row, 20 push ups, 20 squats. The workout was 5 rounds-for-time of 10 dumbbell hanging clean, 10 weighted reverse lunges, 10 push press, 400m row. Everyone else got to run but I'm still rowing since my foot isn't 100% yet. I used 15 lb dumb bell and did five rounds in 29:01! Yippeeee! :)
Here's my breakfast--carrot-apple prebiotic shake/smoothie

Toast. The GNC materials didn't suggest eating ANYTHING else besides the smoothie & a plain piece of toast. I added some olive oil to my toast along with a hard boiled egg. I had already heated my oil and tried to crack the egg when I realized it was already cooked! :( I was really looking forward to a nice runny egg this morning. Oh well. My body really needed some kind of protein after crossfit, so this worked. And hopefully the oil will help move along some of that fiber from yesterday!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


With no real plans made for today, I'm surprised that I didn't take a nap. Waking up at 9am is sleeping in for me, since I usually wake up 5-6am on weekdays. Since I was oot & aboot yesterday, I needed to get some cleaning done around the house since the husband is coming back in less than 2 weeks! EEEK! After coming home from Mass I had some cold cereal.
With soy milk & a banana I really am enjoying soy milk, it's much creamier than fat free milk and the flavor is fine as long as it's mixed in a smoothie or the sweetness of a banana. My cat Bella even liked licking up the remnants of my breakfast! Since being off dairy for less than a week (disregarding the cheese from hier) I'm noticing less issues with sinuses & haven't had to use my neti pot in quite awhile! :)

I putzed around the house for a bit, cleaned up the kitchen & bathrooms (note to self: buy more cleaning products!) ate my lunch of a toasted AB&J (almond butter & jam) sandwich.
With my prebiotic shake which consisted of 1 c apple juice, 1/3 apple, 6 baby carrots & a stalk of celery
Then I watched the second half of The Guardian on tv, scrubbed the inside of the oven (who knows why???) and after watching a bunch of cooking shows on PBS, I got hungry & snacked on some dried apricots & pumpkin seeds.

Dinner was tofu stir fry--my first attempt at both eating & cooking with tofu--aside from miso soup that is. I got to use my 'new' wok that I got for a steal at TJ Maxx back in November--that I haven't used yet til today! It worked great and I know it will come in handy in the near future.
The verdict on the tofu: it's definitely true what they say that tofu has no flavor of it's own! I seasoned my stir fry with soy sauce and toasted sesame oil along with garlic. I liked it & was glad it didn't have a strange texture. Like cooked greens? You know that kind of texture? That's what I figured cooked tofu would be like, but I'm pleased it was more like a gently cooked carrot & didn't slide down my throat Popeye-style. Especially since I've got half the pack of tofu leftover to use!

Made some tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil

After baking them for 3 hours

And the finished tomato-sauce-product

It went straight into the freezer & will be great on a night when I'm short on time & hungry for pasta :) Now enjoying my mixed berry smoothie

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Meg shakes juice, juice shakes back!

Oh the weekend! Today has been a really great day. In my yard this morning was a bunny, I've never been able to get this close to it to get a really good picture, I just got lucky today!

I went to my Weight Watcher's meeting and had a really great loss--4 pounds! I credit it to no junk food & sticking to my GNC cleanse diet. My good friend Jo invited me to go to Raleigh with her so I came home & ate my breakfast of soy yogurt with blueberries
And I finished off the last of my apple juice

We went to Trader Joe's & Whole Foods. At TJ's I picked up some vanilla extract, Thai Green Curry Sauce, Masala Sauce, dried apricots, greek yogurt with honey, two potted herbs--Lavender and Lemon Thyme. The cashier said the lemon thyme is a natural bug repellent so I'll have to give that a try next time I want to read outside. She said just to rub your hands together over the plant and it works like magic! It smells amazing though--great on fish or chicken.

By the time we got to Whole Foods I was really hungry, so I snacked on just about everything--cherries, bread with bruschetta, cheese, cheese, a delicious mocha meringue cookie, cheese, some jerk chicken & salmon, and more cheese! A person from the jerk company was there with his food and it was so good I had to get some of the rub

On our way out I picked up this cute little lunch--Jo made a taco salad & her husband got sushi. There was tzaziki sauce underneath those cute little pitas, this was a great little lunch.

I got this tea that I'd never heard of until I read it on Jenna's blog--Eat, Live, Run.

Well no one told me that it was going to be FIZZY!!!!! I shook it like any other juice & when I opened it shook me back!! It spritzed itself all over the table, good thing it didn't get on Jo or Paul! :) We headed back home after we ate lunch in the little WF cafe, they invited me to a new sushi place on Monday night, I'm excited! I haven't had sushi in weeks.

When I got home I planted my little herbs outside in a pot. I can't wait to use the thyme on something. Then I had a little snack of the greek yogurt & some apricots.

After a nice nap I made myself the planned dinner of sirloin, shrimp (which I seasoned with my new jerk rub! yum!) and a spinach salad with olive oil & vinegar.

I'm going to make my prebiotic shake and plop myself in front of the tv with a book. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jeudi & Vendredi

The past two days have gone pretty well with the cleanse "diet". I really don't like to use the word diet, but I am actually following the "diet" that GNC suggests in the cleanse materials. I got to work out Thursday morning which was great--I did three rounds of incline dumb-bell press (15#), 20 sit-ups, lat pull-down (80#). And 15 (or was it 20?) skull crushers with 20# dumb-bell. My foot is feeling a lot better, but I want to take it slow getting back into working out. The rowing machine is great cardio without putting much (if any) pressure on the outside of my foot, I want to get back to spin class, but am hesitant with the standing & jumps.

Breakfast Thursday was a banana smoothie--one banana, 1/2 c soy milk and ice. It was very good, much better than when I first tried soy milk back in 2004.

I've made the switch to green tea from coffee & it's going rather well! I am not getting headaches from the lack of caffiene, so that makes me very happy.
SOY YOGURT! I have never had soy yogurt & had to hunt it down as there really aren't that many natural food stores in this town. But OH MAH GOODNESS this stuff is the shit!!!!! 1 c plain soy yogurt, 1/2 c dried apples (sulfite-free), vanilla extract, cinnamon & apple pie spice. OH I WAZ IN HEAVENS!!!! My coworker was wondering about the noises coming from my office--okay moreso than usual. I guess soy is a big fat no-no on paleo (my trainer is a paleo-freak) but who cares! It's better than eating a McFlurry.

Lunch was pretty exciting too! I soaked black beans overnight and set them to simmer when I left for work in the morning. They were perfectly cooked when I got home at lunch. So I put them on a whole-wheat tortilla with tomato, onions, parsley (I swore I bought cilantro, guess not), 1 T soy cheese and a squirt of lemon juice. Very filling, very messy & very tasty!
Dinner was amazing also--Thursday was just a great food day all around, eh?? :) Sirloin, brown basmati rice & roast brussel sprouts. I just LOVE brussel sprouts, never did when I was a kid, now I can't wait to buy more!
Here's my after dinner snack of 1/4 c sunflower seeds & the prebiotic shake, I used 5 baby carrots, a stalk of celery, 8 cherries, prebiotic mix and 1/2 c of pure apple juice.
I got an idea for flavored water from my soul sister Soly!! I cut up a whole lemon & most of a cucumber and added it to my fancy new Blenko jug. Isn't it purdy?? And oh so refreshing!


Friday--I tried to wake up early to go for a walk, but it just wasn't happening. There's a lot going on at work as usual so I had to get going and be on time for once this week. Here's my breakfast of a prebiotic shake, 2 pieces of toast with 2 T of all natural peanut butter. I looked at four different stores for rice bran bread and was unsuccessful, so I got the next best 'healthy' bread I could find.

Today's prebiotic shake had 1/2 an orange, 1/3 of an apple, 6 strawberries, 1/2 c apple juice & the shake mix

I have a tenant!! Found her while watering my flowers the other morning, I was already watering the other basket, when I saw her I screamed!! Both of us were scared silly!! She hadn't come back until this morning, so I snagged a picture of her on my way out the door.
Today's lunch had no 'real' source of protein, so I was a little worried that I'd be famished by 3pm. Spinach salad with celery, carrots, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, 2 T soy cheese, 1 oz almonds, 1/2 c dried sulfite-free apples with olive oil & vinegar dressing. Delicious! I love fruit in salads, I'll have to do more of that this summer.
And I was quite surprised that it held me over nicely until dinner! I guess the cheese and almonds did the trick :) I went for a little walk before making dinner to test my foot out on the pavement. I went about 2.75 miles and it only started hurting right at the end, so I'm excited to get back into running, slowly but surely it will happen!

I decided to grill my dinner of fish & zucchini, I'm not very good at the grill yet, hopefully my husband will help me when he gets back from Afghanistan!
Flounder & zucchini
Yeah, the fish didn't really make it, I forgot to oil the basket. I also lost two of the zucchinis in the fire!! :( boo hoo But it was really good, I'm satisfied and am not even hungry for the planned raspberry smoothie as evening snack.
I'm drinking more of my cucumber-lemon water, I've already had to refill the jug two times! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Food, vittles, nourriture, noms

Wednesday, I started the GNC 7 Day Body Cleanse

I'm feeling good today, yesterday I had a pretty bad headache and was extremely tired. I'm hoping this will increase my energy levels & be a good kick-start to me getting back on the program. Here's what I ate yesterday:

Orange smoothie, rice cakes topped with mixed berries

Spinach salad with broiled salmon

Afternoon snack celery with almond butter

Baked chicken thigh (removed skin before eating) brown basmati rice, roast asparagus

Prebiotic shake: 6 baby carrots, 1/3 apple, 1/2 c pure apple juice, prebiotic packet

No matter what you call it, I love food! Love to look at it, think about it, make it, write about it, smell it, touch it and best of all, eat it! This first post is dedicated to all the unhealthy but delicious foods that I've eaten lately. Over the weekend I was visiting my family in Ohio and we went to Bon Vie Bon Temps at Easton for my dad's 65th birthday. Everything we had was delicious & I can't wait to go back.

Roquefort Frites--we shared these, they were so good! Horseradish & fries go so well together.

Lobster Bisque--my sister got this as her meal,
I tasted it and was quite impressed.

Turkey & Applewood Bacon Crêpes
Very tasty! This was my lunch and breakfast the next day.

Grilled Atlantic Salmon--Dad got this, it was cooked perfectly

Corned Beef Hash--mom's lunch, she loves poached eggs & this looked really good

Black Raspberry Sorbet--Dad's dessert
Gâteau de Chocolate--my dessert NOM!!!!!!! Warm gooey chocolate cake and cool berries, oh it was heavenly!

Crème Brûlée--mom & Heather both got one of these, another perfect dessert!

Homemade Brand Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
I just had to stop at UDF before going to the airport to come back to North Carolina

That is the end of the food porn for today!